Attorney Declaration Update We provide an attorney declaration form that can be used to record that a named attorney is willing to act in terms of the PoA. We strongly encourage use of the attorney declaration form  

Change To Statutory Requirements Page Please note that from Monday 27 January 2020 you will be required to complete an additional field by indicating on what grounds jurisdiction requirements are satisfied. You will be required to select one of four options.  

From Jan 2020 original PoAs no longer retained POAs registered before 2009 are currently held in a secure, off-site storage facility. Until now our policy has been to recall these from storage when notified of a terminating event and return the PoA to the original sender. However, from January 2020 we will no longer retain and return original PoAs to the sender. All documents held in storage will be destroyed securely. We recognise that solicitors may wish to hold certain original PoAs. If this is the case you must write to us before 31 December 2019 indicating the specific documents you require. For further information, please contact opg@scotcourts.gov.uk or visit the OPG Website

Welcome to EPOAR

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) welcomes you to the Electronic Power of Attorney Registration (EPOAR) website. EPOAR is an electronic facility for the submission and payment of Powers of Attorney (POA) made under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000. EPOAR is not a facility for you to draft your PoA. We will check the validity of POA deeds submitted via EPOAR but will not check data input by users.