Fee Update From 1st April 2019 the fee for the submission of a Power of Attorney will be £79, further information is available on the Office of the Public Guardian's website

Terms & Conditions Update The EPOAR Terms & Conditions have been revised and we will be in touch with all EPOAR principal contacts shortly by email to provide further information. A copy of the revised Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.  

Attorney Declaration Update We provide an (optional) attorney declaration form that can be used to record that a named attorney is willing to act in terms of the PoA. This form has now been updated to include information for attorneys on what their duties and responsibilities are, therefore although the form is not mandatory, we do strongly encourage its use. A copy of the revised attorney declaration form can be viewed here.  

Update There is a known issue with some EPOAR certificates not downloading for cases that were registered since 18 August 2018. If you receive an error message saying an Unexpected error has occurred please email the EPOAR mailbox epoar@scotcourts.gov.uk with the POA submission number and we will rectify this for you.  

Change To Statutory Requirements Page Please note that you will shortly be required to complete an additional field by indicating on what grounds jurisdiction requirements are satisfied. You will be required to select one of four options. There will be a further update when this is about to go live.  

Update Please note that with effect from Monday 06 May 2019, refunds for submissions that are rejected or withdrawn on EPOAR will be processed automatically by us within 5 working days and there is no requirement to submit a request. The exception to this is when 'Pay by Transfer' should have been used, but wasn't – if this is the case, you will still need to email opgfinance@scotcourts.gov.uk to request a refund.  

Welcome to EPOAR

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) welcomes you to the Electronic Power of Attorney Registration (EPOAR) website. EPOAR is an electronic facility for the submission and payment of Powers of Attorney (POA) made under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000. EPOAR is not a facility for you to draft your PoA. We will check the validity of POA deeds submitted via EPOAR but will not check data input by users.